The buzz exchange

In the context of our generalized enthusiasm for prediction markets, Yahoo! has been running for some time a Buzz Game. Essentially a fame stock exchange for communication technologies, players are allowed to invest 10,000 virtual dollars in the fates and fortunes of various technologies (Linux, GPL, MS Word, Office, Ajax, PHP, etc.). I invested some dough in PHPWA, MOZILLA, XBOX and PLAYSTATION. I am currently losing on Mozilla and XBOX (the latter in an expected post Xmas slump), but doing fairly well on the Playstation and PHPWA side.

To be honest, beyond the fun factor, I found the game quite useful. I have been looking for some time for a Linux-on-a-CD distribution (after trying with only mediocre results LinspireLive and MandrakeMove). According to the Buzz Game the highest rated technologies of this kind are Ubuntu and Knoppix (actually they are head and shoulders above everybody else). I am currently downloading Unbuntu and I will let you know if it really is “all that.” (The main trouble I had with LL and MM was an absence of drivers for wireless adapters and inability to easily access the local HD).

Sorin Adam Matei

Sorin Adam Matei - Professor of Communication at Purdue University - studies the relationship between information technology and social groups. He published papers and articles in Journal of Communication, Communication Research, Information Society, and Foreign Policy. He is the author or co-editor of several books. The most recent is Structural differentation in social media. He also co-edited Ethical Reasoning in Big Data,Transparency in social media and Roles, Trust, and Reputation in Social Media Knowledge Markets: Theory and Methods (Computational Social Sciences) , all three the product of the NSF funded KredibleNet project. Dr. Matei's teaching portfolio includes online interaction, and online community analytics and development classes. His teaching makes use of a number of software platforms he has codeveloped, such as Visible Effort . Dr. Matei is also known for his media work. He is a former BBC World Service journalist whose contributions have been published in Esquire and several leading Romanian newspapers. In Romania, he is known for his books Boierii Mintii (The Mind Boyars), Idolii forului (Idols of the forum), and Idei de schimb (Spare ideas).

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