Are We Homesteading or Pointing Outward?

As I was reading more of Weinberger’s chapter 5 this a.m., I got an idea. He says:

Increasingly, a useful expert is not someone with (containing) all the answers but someone who knows where to find answers.

He challenges us to point outward, away from our space. Don’t homestead. March out to battle…so, with this in mind, I would suggest a section of our site with nothing but helpful links outward. We would start it, and then let Purdue students add as they desire. I realize that we are thinking about including info on area restaurants, theaters, etc., but how about links to places online that summarize Shakespeare’s works, more fully describe APA format, offer background info on some of the authors whose works we’re reading, offer copies of specific books and articles, etc. Whatever a Purdue student might need for class or anything else. As Weinberger states, the bulk of Yahoo’s value is tied up in its hyperlinks. If the link is specific to a course, it would have a heading that includes the course number/title in it.

We are suggesting many sections of the site that would be about Purdue and its surrounds, but how about more info on stuff that helps the student in his/her work…or extracurricular activites?

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