I’m a blogger afterall

Web logs, or rather blogs, are all over the internet as a means of doing something that was once thought lost; ordinary people publicly discussing various topics. A site called Change This was created in 2004 that supports open communication among regular people in a peaceful manner. This is done through the creation of manifestos. These manifestos call for a change in some subject matter and can be linked to blogs so various people can view them. This is a way to combine the peaceful exchange of ideas and blogging. It is a way to promote change without tearing opposing ideas or items down. I first heard about this website from a blog on Duct Tape Marketing called A Change This Idea Percolates.

To be honest, I always thought the idea of a blog was rather silly. I wrote in my diary as a teenager; the purpose of it being privacy. I could not understand why people, including my close friends, were broadcasting their personal thoughts for everyone to see. I started to think about my Facebook page. Yes, there is information on my about it, but I do not think it discloses as much as people do in blogs. As a result, with the exception of this class, I considered myself to be outside of the blogosphere. In reading this weeks readings I realized that I had been overlooking a major type of blog; photoblogs. My family and friends can always see what I am up to by looking at my pictures on my photo website. In conclusion, I guess I am a blogger after all. Also, at the moment, I cannot think of one of my close friends who do not have a diary or photo blog, post photos on Facebook, or is an avid Slashdot fan. I think it might be said that my generation is consumed with blogging by one means or another.

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