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Have you ever wanted to capture a webpage in it’s entirety?  More than just the link, but what you actually see on the page?  Well you can!  Services like Google notebook, Evernote, ubernote, Diigo, and Zoho (to name a few) can do just this.  Using the magic of web 2.0, these sites provide a service of web clipping, allowing users to take “virtual snapshots” of content from a website.   One of the original services that provided web clipping was Google Notebook.  However, this service will be discontinued by Google within the coming months.  Although this service wasn’t deemed successful in Google’s eyes, the act of web clipping has proved to be a hit.

I’ve used Evernote since it was in beta form.  I found it one day via links from another blog.  As this point in time I can’t remember where (the joy of web surfing) but I started to use it on a sporadic basis.  Today, I use it daily.  Evernote even lets you import your delicious tags, another great web 2.0 service.  The unique thing about Evernote, is that you can do this via the web, a desktop application or your smartphone.  Evernote just recently exited “beta” status and has opened up it’s services to all users.  They also provide a premium service which boasts features like 500 MB of space, more syncing, and increased security of your account.  Personally, as a user of the basic service, I don’t feel the need to pay the upgraded service.  Housing 20,000 notes is fine for me. I’ve found that the service works best when using it in combination with the smartphone application.  As an owner of an iphone, I find it extrememly easy to take photos of things and add them to my Evernote service.  This helps me remember assignments, books I’d like to check out, even research ideas.  In today’s growing read/write web, productivity almost requires you to be able to communicate and sync all sources of information.  Evernote helps you to do just that. So take a look at the wonderful services that Evernote has to offered.  Let Evernote “help you to remember everything.”  You can even join in on the fun on the Facebook Evernote page.

I’ve made an account with ubernote and with Diigo and I’ve found that Evernote provides me with the things I’m looking for.  Although, you cannot share “notes” with friends like Diigo just yet, you can email them to one another.  Once Evernote adds this feature (which they say they are working on according to their blog) then it will be a perfect match!

See for yourself! (watch the video of how Evernote works)


Original story source:  lifehacker.com

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