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Just when you thought you that Google was everywhere, it shows up again someplace unexpected…or is it?  Now you can get your “content specific” news from Google on your personal website.  This is great for those who run news-based sites.  It’s also great for those interested in topics that mix academia and the regular media.

It’s of no surprise that folks over at broke the story and used “social media” as a news topic.    Their new tool, the NewsShow Wizard, will let you customize your Google News search and with a few clicks put this feed on your personal site.  If you are new to the magic of Web 2.0, this is a very easy and cool way to build your own feed or aggregator.  The wizard spits out the code for you to add to your site.    Just like when adding Google search to your website, this new feature uses API to pull the info from Google to your site.  All this talk about how to mashup content and Google has pretty much done it for you.  I think I’d like to add a couple of these to my personal sites with research terms and music news.

I took a moment to see if the new wizard is user friendly…


These are pics from one of my sites where I’ve embedded the code from the NewsShow Wizard.  After putting in “web 2.0” in the search bar, the code spit out various small news feeds that rotate abotu every 3 seconds on my webpage.  Very cool.  Go ahead…Try it!

Read about it:

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Adrienne Hall

ahall is a phd student interested in social media with respect to how it has changed the behavior of how consumers interact, purchase goods and services, and word-of-mouth activities.

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