LinkedIn Upgrades Social Networking Capabilities

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LinkedIn is a Web 2.0/social networking site that many are familiar with.  The site centers around finding and organizing one’s connections and getting better connected in the professional realm.

The site recently announced it will be enhancing its social networking experience. It will upgrade the browsing panel improving the available options and offering more specific search choices to users.  Specifically, you can “browse your connections by their current companies, locations and industries.  In addition, you can search your connections by entering their first name, last name or current company in the search box above the browse panel.”  Another upgrade LinkedIn will incorporate is the use of mini-profiles and group tags.

These developments will benefit users by improving the speed of obtaining relevant information.  Users will be able to locate new connections and opportunities for themselves more quickly and will also be able to stay up-to-date on any changes in their connections’ contact information.  Group tags will allow users to manage connections as they wish as well as offer the opportunity to send a message to multiple contacts at once.  Overall, the networking site will benefit users by strengthening its user search options and improving the ability for users to communicate (or “link”) with one another.

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