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Android phone users are now offered a free downloadable application available in the Android Market.  Similar to an application already available for the iPhone, this new  (and official) WordPress app for Android allows users to write and edit posts for their blog.  Once downloading the app, you can easily access your blog by typing in the URL and your log-in information.  And, if you have more than one blog, you can access any of them with the same application, regardless of whether or not you use WordPress or your own web hosting source for the blog.  The application is easy to navigate, using three tabs at the top of the screen that present recognizable blog posting and editing options.

This innovation for Android allows users to update their blogs when they’re on-the-go, so they can potentially update from anywhere at any time they wish.  By going through the Android phone, users will also be updating from a smaller medium that’s not as bulky as carrying around a laptop can be at times.

This is an important social media development because users can access their blogs anywhere and at any time they might desire, allowing users to update promptly.  The app also sends notifications when these blog posts receive comments so users can read and respond to their readers right away, which can help keep the blog conversation flowing in a timely manner.  Additionally, I think this application highlights how social media removes the constraints access to technology and location used to impose on content creation.  Included in the source link below is a video demonstrating how to use the WordPress Android application.

Source 1: http://lifehacker.com/5463207/wordpress-for-android-writes-and-edits-posts-on-the-go

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