Go Tribal site helps plan casual events

Yesterday, a new site launched a beta version with the aim of helping users plan informal gatherings.  Go Tribal allows users to sign up, identify what days they are free and what they might like to do with friends, and then create plans based off of the informal group’s input.  Stages of availability include “Yes, I’m down!”, “Can be convinced”, or “Sorry, I’m busy.”  Updates can be sent through the site to friends on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

Through its service, Go Tribal hopes to make it easier for friends to coordinate group activities.  In an interview with Mashable, Founder and CEO Shruti Challa stated the service will be open to the first 10,000 signups in the U.S. for now. She also mentioned that the inspiration for Go Tribal arose from the founding team (including Chris Baclig, Eric Ma and Amara Humphry), who upon recent graduation from Stanford discovered a lack of tools for maintaining existing friendships offline.  Also mentioned in the interview is that, at the moment, Go Tribal’s main target is women.  On the site blog, it is explained that the design concept was created with women in mind, simply because in interviews and other experiences, women were found to have a different need of approach for forming events and gathering groups together.

This service is an interesting development in the social event planning process.  While existing social networking sites contribute to forming group events, Go Tribal offers a stronger visual representation in the use of a calendar followed by a list of group members and their color-coordinated (green being yes, yellow being maybe/can be convinced, red being no) marks on what days work best.  From this visual representation, users can also use the Go Tribal site to leave messages regarding where exactly to meet, when, etc., and can further utilize Facebook, Twitter, etc., to spread the word to other friends.

Embedded is a YouTube clip explaining how to utilize Go Tribal.


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