AwayFind upgrades its urgent e-mail notification app

A promotional sign for AwayFind, from
A promotional sign for AwayFind, from

AwayFind announced it is offering a new 2.0 form of its service, which allows users to get away from the computer and not worry about missing an important e-mail or message.  In its original, 1.0 service, users were given an AwayFind page that provided links to the the best/fastest way to reach the user in question.  However, while incredibly useful, this initial service did have some issues.

AwayFind’s 2.0 service aims to do away with the original’s problems.  ReadWriteWeb writer Sarah Perez noted, for instance, was that with the original service allowed any person to reach you with any message they wanted, urgent or not. This was a problem for some users since there was no priority imposed on the messages. AwayFind 2.0 gives the user the ability to create priority filters. For example, message from a certain domain or address, or that contain a specific word in the subject will be delivered first.  Users also have control on how AwayFind alerts you: through Twitter, e-mail, SMS text message, phone call,  or IM (specifically AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk), etc.  Another useful option is the user’s ability to choose who should or should not get a specific auto-response with certain contact information.

Additionally, there is also a browser plugin for Firefox that lets users configure their contact settings directly from their e-mail inbox itself.  This plugin then supplies a drop down box after each contact that lets the user specify individual settings for each person.

This social media service lets users grab some time away from their inbox and stop constantly refreshing to see if a new, important message has popped up.  At the same time, however, they can know that as soon as an urgent message is sent to them, they will receive a notification and won’t miss out on anything.  The improvements to this social media outlet also benefit users by handing over some control to them, like determining who and what actually qualifies as “urgent” and being able to individualize contact responses for various instances.

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