Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi fortified compound residence Bab Al-Aziza in Tripoli bombed: Map and video clip

The latest news from Gaddafi’s compound

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Libyan uprising 2011 March
Libyan uprising 2011 March

Of the two dozen residences Muammar Gaddafi calls home, the most known and recognizable is the Bab el-Aziza compound, located right in the heart of Tripoli, not far from the Tarabulus Zoo. The compound includes a gaggle of concrete bunkers, administrative offices buildings, private residences and Gaddafi’s unforgettable tent. The West European “Odyssey Dawn” bombardments that aimed to remove Gaddafi’s ability to carry aerial attacks against the rebel city of Benghazi included a round of counter-bombing of military and command and control centers in Tripoli. During this attack several Tomahawk missiles hit Bab el-Aziza. CNN describes what an American negotiator went through during her visit ot the compound in 2007:

Townsend was then taken to what she called a receiving building, where she waited for several hours in one of the many spacious rooms decorated in traditional Arab fashion with couches lining the perimeter.

She was then driven to a field of knee-high grass, which they had to traipse through on foot to get to the elaborate tent where Gadhafi was waiting to meet her.

Uniformed guards with guns stood outside the tent, with armed plainclothes security inside.

The Bedouin-style tent had an opening on one side, a roof and sides made of heavy textile and was filled with numerous rugs and couches.

Townsend felt Gadhafi clearly intended to intimidate her. He immediately made reference to her Greek heritage and let her know he had done research on her — he knew her background.

“It’s all about thuggery there,” said Townsend. “They are sending the message, ‘We know who you are.’ “

The map below show the area bombed over the past days. Zoom in and pan to see details.

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Libya uprising: The latest news

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