Map of Osama bin Laden killing site and mansion. Recent Video of Shooting effects Seen from Inside the Building in Abbottabad (3D Model of Compound)

ABC News published footage from Osama bin Laden mansion and released dramatic pictures of the bedroom where the final stand took place. Blood covers the ground and the bed. The inside of the building is nicely furnished. Electronic devices and appliances are spread everywhere. The location of the killing can be found on the map below. It is just a few hundred yards away from the most important military academy in Pakistan. Two US helicopters swooped in from Afghanistan with a team of 25 US Delta Team members. One helicopter was lost in a hard landing. According to Los Angeles Times, the US administration did not inform the Pakistani prime minister before tha action.  More information about the location of the Osama Bin Laden mansion.

Diagram of Osama bin Laden Mansion

Department of Defense Diagram of Osama bin Laden Compound in Abbottabad via New York Times
Department of Defense Diagram of Osama bin Laden Compound in Abbottabad via New York Times

Diagram released by the Department of Defense. Reproduced by New York Times


See 3D Map of Osama Killing Compound

Zoom in and click “Earth” button (upper right corner  of map) to see compound in 3D. You might be asked to install the Google Earth Plugin. It might take between 30 seconds to 1 minute for the model to load.


Dramatic pictures of Osama Bin Laden bedroom, stained with blood

General information about the Osama bin Laden neighborhood and mansion

Books about Osama Bin Laden

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