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Update: Sandy related map and article

Pictures of Irene flooding in Manhattan

Irene has made its first landfall last night in North Carolina at a weaker than expected intensity 1. As the cone of probable impact covers much of New York City (see in large overlay Irene Forecast Path August 27 – blue shade, area of probable impact, blue line, forecast path), a mandatory evacuation order has been issued for all residents of New York area that live in evacuation zone A, which could be affected by a direct hit from a hurricane of any intensity. SEE map below, orange areas. A map of Manhattan possible flooding due to a possible Irene landfall in New York city was published by on August 26.

The announcement can be found on the NYC Severe Weather Alert site:

Mandatory Evacuation Issued for NYC Coastal Areas: Due to the approach of Hurricane Irene, the City has issued a mandatory evacuation order for New Yorkers who live in the low-lying Zone “A” coastal areas across all five boroughs and the Rockaways. These areas include: Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Far Rockaway, Beach Channel, South Beach, Midland Beach, and Battery Park City. People should be out of these areas by 5 pm on Saturday.

The New York City Office for emergency Management published the following evacuation map for the entire New York City area. The map displays in:

  1. Deep Orange – Area A, which could be flooded if a hurricane of ANY intensity makes landfall in the New York Area
  2. Yellow – Area B, which could be flooded if an intensity 2 and higher hurricane makes landfall in the New York Area
  3. Green – Area C, which could be flooded if an intensity 3 or higher makes landfall in the New York Area
  4. Dots: Unknown features


Map below is clickable and zoomable. Use the + / – signs to zoom in and out. Click on the map to pan around. Click Earth to see map in 3d (including buildings).

Click to see New York City Hurricane evacuation zone in full screen

NYC Hurricane Evacuation Map

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