A KML Historic and Literary Map of Pearl Harbor on the Morning of December 7, 1941 (7:55 am) According to Walter Lord’s Day of Infamy

 Digital Humanities Showcase: Walter Lord’s Day of Infamy mapped

Walter Lord’s meticulously documented book “Day of Infamy” recounts the trivia of every day life at Pearl Harbor on that last morning of peace, December 7, 1941, when the Japanese planes attacked the Pacific fleet, sinking a good part of it.

This map presents the location of some of the the soldiers and sailors of the US Army and Navy and of the things they were doing at 7:55 am, on December 7, 1941,  as they are presented in Day of Infamy. Clicking the markers will show the specific passage in the book that mentions the scene. Where available, we linked to the specific page in the Google Books version of Day of Infamy. If you want to buy Day of Infamy by Walter Lord, start at Amazon.com.

View Attack on Pearl Harbour KML Map by Sorin Adam Matei in a larger screen overlay. Right click to download and to view in Google Earth.

Pearl Harbor Literary Historical KML  Map, December 7, 1941, According to Walter Lord's Day of Infamy
Pearl Harbor Literary Historical KML Map, December 7, 1941, According to Walter Lord’s Day of Infamy

Snapshot of the map above in Google Earth. Click on the picture to view the image in Google Earth. CLICK EARTH button in the upper, right corner of map. Software might need to be installed on your computer to view the map. Installation process will start automatically.

This is a demo map, presenting some of tools I create for my classes and for my research.

Other resources about Pearl Harbour at the Navy Military History Site

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