Hurricane #Sandy Resources: New York City Evacuation Map in the Eventuality of Major Water Surges Produced by Hurricanes

Hurricane Sandy off the Carolinas [detail]
Hurricane Sandy off the Carolinas [detail] (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)


As Hurricane Sandy started pummeling New Jersey shore, it is worth looking again at this map, published by The New York City Office for emergency Management, which indicates what New York City are most prone to flooding. The map displays in:

  1. Deep Orange – Area A, which could be flooded if a hurricane of ANY intensity makes landfall in the New York Area
  2. Yellow – Area B, which could be flooded if an intensity 2 and higher hurricane makes landfall in the New York Area
  3. Green – Area C, which could be flooded if an intensity 3 or higher makes landfall in the New York Area
  4. Dots: Unknown features


Map below is clickable and zoomable. Use the + / – signs to zoom in and out. Click on the map to pan around.

Click to see New York City Hurricane evacuation zone in full screen

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