Malaysia Airlines MH370 Plane Sighting in Maldives Might Support the Theory of a Fire that Disabled the Crew but Did Not Disable the Automatic Pilot

maldive photo
Maldive by fabio.dilupo


A credible sighting verified from several sources in Maldive Islands of a large jumbo jet crossing the Indian Ocean at low altitude where no jets usually come might shed a possible light on the ultimate fate of Malaysia Flight MH370. A well reasoned albeit speculative article in Wired magazine by a licensed pilot claims that a fire might’ve disabled first the communication avionics and then the crew and passengers, without preventing the automatic pilot from keeping the plane in the air. MH370 might’ve turned into a ghost plane that ended up on the central-western area of the Indian Ocean. However, if this were true, the US base at Diego Garcia, a few hundred miles south should’ve probably sniffed this unexpected intruder…

Red circle – Maximum flight radius



Photo by fabio.dilupo

Sorin Adam Matei

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