The Iphone livecast was a failure

English: the Back of an iPhone 3G White from Apple
English: the Back of an iPhone 3G White from Apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I tried to watch the Apple launch with my Purdue Polytech students to show them how to introduce a product with a livcast… What we got out of the experience was how not to sell a product with an online livecast. First off, Apple was too cheap to version the release with a second stream dubbed in Chinese. It chose to bring down the sound level of the English track, making it hard to hear, and it inserted a Chinese commentary in sotto voce, which made the English track nearly impossible to understand. I also think that the Chinese listeners had trouble hearing the commentary in their native language as well. More important, it was impossible to watch the livecast without major interruptions at Purdue on a 100 MB ethernet network… The stream would quit on us without warning or enter a state of endless buggering. Plus, the livecast could not be watched on non Mac computers… Our conclusion? This was an event for the people in the convention center, the rest of the benighted world be damned… Who needs customers when you have the top tech blogs eating from the palm of your hand if you give them a launch pass and goodie bag at the end?

Sorin Adam Matei

Sorin Adam Matei - Professor of Communication at Purdue University - studies the relationship between information technology and social groups. He published papers and articles in Journal of Communication, Communication Research, Information Society, and Foreign Policy. He is the author or co-editor of several books. The most recent is Structural differentation in social media. He also co-edited Ethical Reasoning in Big Data,Transparency in social media and Roles, Trust, and Reputation in Social Media Knowledge Markets: Theory and Methods (Computational Social Sciences) , all three the product of the NSF funded KredibleNet project. Dr. Matei's teaching portfolio includes online interaction, and online community analytics and development classes. His teaching makes use of a number of software platforms he has codeveloped, such as Visible Effort . Dr. Matei is also known for his media work. He is a former BBC World Service journalist whose contributions have been published in Esquire and several leading Romanian newspapers. In Romania, he is known for his books Boierii Mintii (The Mind Boyars), Idolii forului (Idols of the forum), and Idei de schimb (Spare ideas).

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