A. About Sorin A. Matei, the site owner

I Think is a collection of papers, articles, thoughts, and interactive maps edited by Sorin A. Matei, PhD, Professor of Communication, Purdue University. The content is provided by him, his students, collaborators, and colleagues. Articles are dedicated to a variety of issues, mostly the social impact of communication technologies, but also digital and spatial humanities, current affairs and social interaction online.

Curriculum Vitae Dr. Sorin Adam Matei

Dr. Matei was educated at Bucharest University (BA in History and Philosophy), Tufts University (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, MA in International Relations), and University of Southern California (Annenberg School for Communication, PhD in Communication). He is currently Professor of Communication at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Indiana and Chief Ideamonger at Ideagora (http://ideagora.us), a new media company he has founded in 2008.  He is a former Purdue Discovery Park Research and current Purdue Polytechnic Institute Fellow. You can contact the editor at s m a t e i ///// a/t/ ///// p u r d u e //// d o t /// e d u . S k y p e Sorin Matei .

His greatest passion is to understand how real and virtual spaces and groups are connected and how these connections can be made more truthful and productive. He is the leader of the NSF funded project KredibleNet, whose goal is to set the agenda for computational social science analysis of authorship, leadership, trust and credibility in knowledge markets. He has published papers and developed software that aim to make this into a reality. Among the tools he has created are:

His research was funded by National Science Foundation, Purdue Research Foundation, Motorola, Kettering Foundation, University of Kentucky, and Purdue University and was recognized by various professional organizations with paper and research awards. He teaches the Online Interaction doctoral seminar at Purdue University, web 2.0 production, and research methods classes. His papers can be found on his research page and his classes on his teaching wiki, Visible Effort.

Dr. Matei is a former BBC World Service journalist and is still actively involved with journalistic projects. His columns, photographs, and essays have been published in Esquire Magazine, Foreign Policy and the top national Romanian language newspapers. He is also the editor of Virtual sociability (with Brian Britt), author of the Romanian language books “The Mind Boyars” (http://matei.org/boyars), “Idols of the Forum” (http://idolii.com), the upcoming “Spare Ideas”,  and the publisher of Pagini.com (http://pagini.com).

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