The Visible Past / Open Context Loosely Coupled Model for Digital Humanities Ubiquitous Collaboration and Publishing: Collaborating Across Print, Mobile, and Online Media

Authors: Sorin Adam Matei, Eric Kansa, Nicholas Rauh. Abstract: The paper presents a platform for supporting academic collaboration and publishing

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Walter Alvarez: Discoverer of astreroid that killed the dinosaurs at Microsoft Faculty Summit

Walter Alvarez teaches geology at Berkley and his main contribution to the history of science is the theory that the

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Idols of the forum (Idolii forului) book introduces Romanian publishing to 2d code universe

Our second 2d book, Idolii forului – Idols of the Forum, came out a week ago in my native country,

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Ubimark connects print and digital media via 2D codes and iPhone app

Cell phones may seem like a distraction when reading, but our latest project, Ubimark books,  can now be paired with

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Ubimark covered by major online sites: Gizmodo, ReadWriteWeb, Chronicle of Higher Education Wired Campus

Over the last few days my project, Ubimark, which turns print books such as Around the Word in 80 Days

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Visualizing the Past

University of Richmond has invited an extraordinary group of researchers and practitioners to brainstorm on the most likely path history related visualization will take in the future.

The main goal is to map the road that will lead to the next platform of spatially references tools and services for the humanities scholar. The specific goals stated on the workshop website are:

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Visible Past

Slideshare presentation of Visible Past.

Visible Past is a web-based knowledge creation and storage environment that is aware of a user’s spatial location and which delivers information on the fly, to that location, based on the user needs connected to that location. If you are, for example, in France, in front of the Tour Eiffel, Visible Past can send you information about the Tour Eiffel, to your mobile phone. Further, the cell phone can be used to rate the information or to add your own content to the site.

However, Visible Past is not just a site. It is a software solution that can be installed on any server, by anyone, at no cost. It uses open source, free software, that can be extended and adapted for any specific project.

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