B. Academic Papers by Sorin A. Matei and his collaborators

A collection of Dr. Matei’s Papers

Sorin A. Matei’s Academia.edu Publication List and Profile

Google Scholar Links

Web 3.0: A research agenda for communication

Where information searches for you

Social Entropy and online social structure

The social structure of collaboration on Wikipedia

Ambiguity and conflict on Wikipedia

From Counterculture to cyberculture

The effect of state level social capital on online communities

Visible Past: Learning and discovering in real and virtual space

The Internet in the communication infrastructure

Real and virtual ties

Fear and misperception of Los Angeles urban space

Metamorphosis: Methodology

The role of telecomunication in bridging global divides

“Good” and “bad” neighborhoods in Lexington, KY

Watts and the epicenter of Los Angeles fear

The mental maps project

In the Romanian speaking space Sorin A. Matei is also known for his work on paramodernity illustrated by the volume The Mind Boyars. Other Romanian language papers written by Dr. Matei.

Curriculum Vitae Dr. sorin Adam Matei

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