Sorin Adam Matei – Professional Resume

Sorin Adam Matei, PhD – Resume

100 N. University Drive

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN 47907

Employment and career objectives

I am a well rounded researcher and educator with training in social science and information technology research. I am well versed in conducting complex research projects, grant writing, and teaching both graduate and undergraduate classes. I seek a position in either business or academic research or education in the Midwest area, preferably norther Indiana, Chicago. NOTE: This is an example for a class I am teaching…



  • Unirea High School, 1979-1983
    • Classics curriculum
  • Bucharest University, 1985-1991
    • BA, History and Philosophy
  • Tufts University, Fletches School of Law and Diplomacy, 1994-1995
    • MA, International Relations
  • University of Southern California, 1996-2001
    • Communication Research
    • Geographic Information Systems

Employment and work experience

  • Freelance reporter, Major romanian Newspapers and radio stations, 1990-1992
    • Research, writing, and publishing political and current affairs news and feature stories
  • Producer, BBC World Service, 1993-1994
    • Production and on air delivery of news, feature stories and documentaries
  • Lecturer, University of Southern California, 1996-2000
    • Taught undergraduate communication, media and web design courses
  • Project Manager, University of Southern California, 2000-2001
    • Managed budget, research activities, and dissemination/publishing efforts of multi-year, multi million dollar research project
  • Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky, 2001-2003
    • Taught undergraduate and graduate classes, conducted research, published papers, wrote and was awarded grants
  • Assistant and Associate Professor, Purdue University, 2003-2008
    • Taught undergraduate and graduate classes, conducted research, published papers, wrote and was awarded grants (NSF)

International and global experience

  • Fulbright Specialist, 2011-2016
    • Taught short course on use of advanced social statistics for research in civic organizations at the Belgrade Open School, Serbia
  • Eastern European Studies at Budapest School of Economics, 1991-1992
    • Politics and Society in Eastern Europe
    • Psychoanalysis and Society in Central Europe

Volunteer activity

  • Soup kitchen server, St. Paul Parish, Indianapolis Indiana

Skills and special abilities

  • Programming: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Php, R – Sites I designed: The Matei I Think siteVisible Past
  • Statistical packages: SPSS, S, R – papers I published
  • Languages: English, Romanian, French, Italian – Books I published in Romanian
  • Selected publications: Profile


  • Travel: I travel to learn and understand the world around me. Italy is my favorite, with Greece and France coming next. I enjoy tropical locales, especially if they are not expensive. My trips to the Yucatan Maya ruins are some of my favorites…
  • Map making: I love maps and I do not hesitate to get my hands dirty making and playing with maps. Alterpode is an example of such a project.
  • Publishing: This is not a mere job duty, it is a pleasure, as well…

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