Individualism Online

Submitted by Christina Kalinowski on October 22nd, 2008 to the On-line Interaction and Facilitation Seminar, Fall 2008, Purdue University, Dr. Sorin A. Matei via the I Think Blog


Individualism is highly valued in American culture, and its growing importance to American identity has captured researchers’ attention. Not only has our cultural preoccupation with ourselves been receiving much attention, but increasingly so in conjunction with discussions of the internet. The internet, by its very nature, not only facilitates the expression of individualism, it has increasingly been shaped by individuals for this purpose. The internet has been idealized by many as a utopian medium, one in which the self can be expressed and everyone’s voice can be heard. While the internet may provide individuals with more opportunities to express individualism, tensions exist. The expression of individualism is a solitary activity, and many sites for said expression are populated by other users; thus, there is a tension between the desire to express oneself and socially constructed norms regarding respect for others.

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Online Community Development: Principles, Practices, and Issues

Submitted on November 26, 2007, to the On-line Interaction and Facilitation Seminar, Fall 2007, Purdue University, Dr. Sorin A. Matei

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I Link, Therefore, I Am: Connection and Identity in Computer-Mediated Communication

By Susan Huelsing Sarapin Submitted on October 22, 2006 to the On-Line Interaction and Facilitation Seminar, Fall 2006, Purdue University

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