The building of community and self-expression in online groups

Submitted by “Adrienne Hall” on October 22, 2008 to the On-line Interaction and Facilitation Seminar, Fall 2008, Purdue University, Dr. Sorin A. Matei via the I Think Blog.


This essay attempts to begin explaining how participation in online social interactions impacts everyday life. More specifically, how it causes a change in behavior in interpersonal relationships and methods of communication. It begins with a definition of community leading into a discussion on online communities. Finally it concludes with insight on why people join online communities and how it affects our everyday lives. The idea of the essay is to review the existing literature and to begin developing ideas for future research. […]

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Growing online communities

Submitted by Pamela Morris on November 26, 2007 to the On-line Interaction and Facilitation Seminar, Fall 2007, Purdue University, Dr.

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Emerging technologies, spatial behavior and community belonging

New media and emerging technologies continue to change not only our communication (Gunn, 2006; Jones, 2006), but also our relationships,

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