Mobile Augmented Reality and Mirror Worlds: Blair MacIntyre

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One of the original augmented reality pioneers is Blair MacIntyre, whose work needs to be more widely known…  He works at the Augmented Environments Lab (AEL), a research group in the GVU Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The group has been working in the area of Augmented Reality since 1998, investigating how interactive computing environments can be used to directly augment a user’s senses with computer generated material.Augmented reality paints physical world with pixels and information. The world becomes a graphic user interface.

“I am interested in the intersection of mobile devices – whether they are head mounts or handhelds – and parallel mirror worlds…I think that parallel mirror worlds are a direct manifestation of the intersection of the virtual world we now live in (the web) and geotagging. As more and more information is tied to place, and as more of our searching become place-based, we will want to do those searches about places we are not at. A 3D mirror world may provide one interface to that data. Want to plan your trip to London; go their virtually and look around, see what is there (both physically and virtually), teleport between areas you want to learn about, and so on. More interestingly, talk to people who are there now, and retrieve your location-based notes when you are on your trip.”

via Mobile Augmented Reality and Mirror Worlds: Talking with Blair MacIntyre | UgoTrade.

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