Ubimark connects print and digital media via 2D codes and iPhone app

Around the World in 80 Days Ubitour Cover
Around the World in 80 Days Ubitour Cover

Cell phones may seem like a distraction when reading, but our latest project, Ubimark books,  can now be paired with novels to link readers to digital resources to create ubitour books. Books open our minds, and now we can use technology to expand our reading experiences. Cell phones are the digital devices that are used by most people, so it only makes sense that cell phones be an essential part of the reading experience.

“Around the World in 80 Days: The Ubitour Version Guided by Your Mobile Phone” is a traditional print book with stamp-sized graphic codes embedded on each page that connect readers to related digital information such as on demand video and audio, maps and other online resources such as social interaction sites. Each page has two 2-d codes, which are similar to bar codes but instead serve as hyperlinks. Readers take pictures of these graphics with their iPhone or other Internet mobile phone, and then access the digital information by using an application that supports 2-d codes, such as i-nigma.

Readers also can contribute to online picture galleries and digital maps. People who have personally visited the places described in the book, can share their travel stories, amazing adventures, literary musings or historical insights online. These contributions will be incorporated in future editions of the printed book as footnotes and hyperlinks. The book will change with the needs, desires and ideas of the community of its readers.

We have designed the ubitour version guides with support from Purdue’s Discovery Learning Research Center and Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy. The book ($17.99) is available for purchase on the CreateSpace store at https://www.createspace.com/3408471.

“Around the World in 80 Days” was published by Jules Verne in 1873, and it is the story of an Englishman, along with his French valet, who takes on a bet to travel the world in 80 days.

View Larger Map of the site of Phileas Fogg’s purported residence

This book is a classic, and it is a story that is appropriate for all ages. These technologies were pilot tested at Purdue’s Discovery Learning Research Center, where improving education and learning is of great importance. The ubitour version guides would be ideal learning tools for high school students.

I have also created an Ubimark iPhone app and a location aware tool for identifying information on the go, even if a Ubimark book is not available. Furthermore, the application can be used with any WordPress blog to publish location aware content. The tool is available for download today at Ubimark.com

I plan to release an Ubitour version of Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” in Fall 2010 and a couple of academic books, including on on archaeology.

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Sorin Adam Matei

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