2011 fiery underwater volcano near La Restinga on El Hierro, Canary Islands makes the sea boil green (maps, video, kmz, 3d)

El Hierro Undersea Eruption (Jacuzzi) - Presidencia del Gobierno de Canarias via Flickr

The El Hierro volcano of the Spanish Canary Island Archipelago has started bubbling again, this time under the sea. The locals have discovered with amazement that their turquoise sea has turned dirty green and bubbling like a jacuzzi. The sad part is that the boiling water seared and killed hundreds of subtropical fish shelters. The two clips below show the seas around El Hierro before and after the recent eruption.

It is quite possible that a new island will appear next to El Hierro.

Up to date details about the eruption

After the 2011 El Hierro eruption

Before the 2011 El Hierro eruption

Map of La Restinga volcanic jacuzzi near El Hierro Island, Canary Archipelago, Spain

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